Lampung to host Krakatau Festival 2016

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Title : Lampung to host Krakatau Festival 2016
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Lampung to host Krakatau Festival 2016

 Photo source:
Photo document of Anak Krakatau Mount. (ANTARA/Muhammad Iqbal)

The Lampung provincial government, along with representatives from 15 districts and cities in the province, will host the 26th Krakatau Festival 2016.

"A series of activities have been prepared to enliven the Krakatau Festival," Head of Public Relations and Protocol of Lampung Province Bayana stated in Bandarlampung on Thursday.

Bayana noted that the Krakatau Festival will kick off with an art exhibition showcasing photographs of underwater and tourist attractions in Lampung, a fashion show, acoustic music performance, and talk show.

Creative seminars will be held in Mal Boemi Kedaton Bandarlampung on August 24-28, 2016. Furthermore, on August 25-26, 2016, the festival will feature kite competitions and an amateur photo contest, in which participants from Bali, Yogyakarta, and West Nusa Tenggara as well as from foreign countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and France will take part. A workshop is also planned that will be attended by 200 children.

According to Bayana, a food festival featuring a culinary bazaar and a variety of games for children will be held on August 26-28.

"As is the tradition followed in the previous years, a Krakatau cruising tour will be organized on August 27, 2016, to explore the Anak Krakatau Mount by boat. The event will be preceded by the ngumbai lawok featuring dozens of decorative boats," he revealed.

The event will conclude with the Lampung Culture and Tapis Carnival. The participants at the event will be the delegates from districts and cities who will showcase the rich culture of Lampung and the archipelago.

The event is themed "Topeng Lampung." A gala event titled "Summit Investor" will be held later in the evening. The dinner, featuring music and fashion creations of Lampung, will be attended by investors.(Antara)

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